2017 Kia Optima

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Kia Optima rental

Are you looking for a long-term car rental in Miami? Welcome to CarForLong.com rent-a-car agency.

We specialize in long-term car rentals in Miami, offering a wide selection of vehicles, including the Kia Optima business-class sedan. Our cars are well-serviced and maintained, guaranteeing your safety and comfort during your travels.
We take pride in being a leading car rental discounter in the field of long-term car rentals in Miami. Our experience since 2015 enables us to offer our customers the most advantageous rental terms for a month or longer.

When renting a car with us, you can be confident that all necessary services are included in rental rate, such as insurance, child safety seats, SunPass transponder (for toll roads within Florida) and so on.

Car rental at Miami International Airport. If you arrive to Miami International Airport, we offer a convenient transfer service. We can pick you up along with your luggage directly from the airport and bring you to our place. There, you can sign the contract, make the payment, and pick up your rental car with no hassle. 
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Choosing us for car rental in Miami, you are choosing reliability, convenience, and high-quality service. Book your car right now at CarForLong.com!

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Rental $749 / month
  • Rental Agreement
  • GPS navigation unit
  • Car seats
  • SunPass transponder
  • Insurance
SunPass tolls are subject to pay separately
Security deposit $500