Minivan car rental in Miami, Florida

Have a plan to visit Miami with family or a big group? A minivan could be a great choice for you.

Rental $749 / month
Rental $849 / month
Not Available
Not Available
Rental $1,299 / month

How cheap is a minivan rental in Miami?

We always strive to help our customers save on their budget. Like any other rental car companies, we offer minivan rentals in Miami. Our monthly rental rates are as low as $749 a month.

Why do people usually rent minivans?

Unlike large vans, renting a minivan in Miami doesn't require you to have a special driver's license category or endorsement. If you have a valid regular driver's license, it's enough to rent a car with from us.

A minivan is a car class of 7 or 8 seats passenger cars. It is much more spacious than a regular sedan. If you rent a minivan, you can easily seat 7 passengers and still have plenty of room for your luggage.

CarForLong car rental company that specializes long term car rentals in Miami, Florida. We offer many car classes for rent. Among others, we offer a large selection of minivans.

What models of minivan do we offer for rent in Miami?

Make and model Monthly rental rates 
Toyota Sienna from $899 a month
Dodge Grand Caravan from $749 a month
Kia Carnival from $1,099 a month
Chrysler Pacifica from $999 a month


What is the best minivan for rental in Miami?

The answer on this question depends on you and your preferences. The differences between different minivan models lie more in their exterior appearance. Overall, they are vehicles of increased size. They are roughly similar to each other.

Important feature that may matter for you is a foldable and retractable to the floor level second and third seat rows. This feature turns a minivan into a pretty large bus with just two front seats. So, you can use it for transportation of oversized cargo or have two spacious sleeping places there.

Booking your minivan in Miami with us is quick and easy. Simply visit our website or give us a call to reserve your vehicle today.

Explore whole Florida on minivan. This car will make your long travel much more comfortable. Explore Miami's stunning beaches, vibrant neighborhoods, and attractions at your own pace with our spacious and reliable minivans.

Planning a day of shopping in South Beach or a cultural excursion to Little Havana? Our minivans help to have a comfortable and convenient ride for you and your companions.

Minivan rentals in Miami International Airport

Arrive to Miami International Airport? You don't need to go to MIA car rental center with your luggage. We can pick you up right from a Terminal and bring to our place. The ride from Miami International Airport normally takes 15 minutes.

You don't need to waste time in long line waiting for you car. While you ride on our shuttle, your minivan is getting ready. All paperwork will take only 5 minutes and you're good to go! Your journey begins!

Please check procedure of meeting in Miami International Airport here.

Before to rent a car with us, please read our terms of minivan car rental in Miami

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