We request the following data in purpose of making a reservation:

  1. Date and time (!) of rental commencement and end
  2. Picture or scan of your driver license (if there is the second driver, we need the second driver license as well)
  3. Actual address where you live / stay in US (complete address (!) including apartment #, if applicable)
  4. US phone # (if applicable)
  5. Your country of residence phone # (if applicable)
  6. E-mail
  7. Flight you arrive to Miami International Airport (if applicable)
* All mentioned data should be sent on rent@carforlong.com or Whatsapp +1 (786) 808-9999
** If you are an US resident, we may ask you to provide SSN # at pickup time
*** If you are non-US resident, we may ask you to provide a copy of your passport with visa page
As it follows from our business name, we rent cars for a long period only (1 month and longer) In fact, you may rent a car for less than a month, but a payment will be for 1 month minimum.

Your current rental can only be extended for a term a month and longer. However, if you decide to return the car ahead of schedule, we will prorate rental rate and refund you a difference for unused days. Mandatory condition of such recalculation is 10 days prior notice.
2,500 miles a month are included in rental rate (equivalent to 4,023 km).

The rate for miles over this limit you can find in your rental agreement.
All cars we offer for rent are covered by TPL (Third Party Liability insurance) and have CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) included in rental rate.

* Tires and glasses are not covered.
Security deposit is charged at a rental commencement and hold until the end. Provided that you return a car in a good condition and there is no pretension such as unpaid tickets, smoking odor, missing fuel, etc., security deposit is refunded in a full amount. Otherwise, partial or complete (depending on amount) recovery can be imposed on security deposit.

* Security deposit amount may vary depending on a car.
Absolutely not! All the cars we provide for rent can be driven within the State of Florida only. All our cars are equipped with stand-alone GPS tracking devices. In case of car crossing Florida borders, our system automatically gets an alert. Violation of this condition entails a fine $500.00.
Florida has many toll roads. All of them are combined either into SunPass or E-Z pass system. All our rental cars are equipped with transponders that work with both SunPass and E-Z pass. This gives you a possibility to use all the toll roads within the State of Florida. During the rental period, all your toll occurrences are accumulated on our account. Then, upon return of a car you should pay for your tolls. On your demand, we can provide your toll transaction details.

* Generally, toll road fee collection is going automatically through your transponder. However, somewhere you still may see a booth for toll road payments when entering onto a toll road. DO NOT PAY THERE because regardless of your "manual" payment your transponder will continue to "gather" tolls. It will definitely cause double charges.
** Toll fee amount is pretty affordable and in most cases lays between $0.35 - $0.50 for every pass under a toll road scanner. However, there are pretty rare "outstanding" locations where you can pay up to $12.00.
*** In average, our customers pay $20.00 - $30.00 - $40.00 a month for their tolls. If you often drive through toll roads your bill for the month can be $50.00 - $70.00. Higher amounts are pretty rare for our customers.
WARNING! The only following grades of gasoline are allowed to use in our cars:

  • Midgrade (89 and higher)
  • Premium (93 and higher)
Use of regular (87) gasoline is strictly prohibited as it causes damage to the fuel system!

All our cars are provided with full tank. We expect you will return your car with full tank as well. If a car returned with less amount of fuel then when rented, Refueling service charge $50.00 may be applied in addition to gas cost.

* There are a number of gas stations around our lot.
** Car is provided with ABSOLUTELY full tank, fuel tank sensor arrow literally "lays". You are required to return with same tank. Otherwise, in order to avoid additional charge, you will be forced to go to gas station due to a few dollars. This is why we highly recommend to fill up the tank right before drop-off at the station next to us.
We strive to provide our customers with possibility to rent a car in Miami for as low rental rates as we can. To be able to do this, we decline the expenses we can avoid. We don't want to pay bank their commission which is up to 3-5% of revenue, it's significantly for us. This is why we work with cash payments only.

* All amounts we charge come along with receipts.
Driver must be at least 26 years old and be younger than 70. Driver must have valid driver license in driver's name and driving experience 1 year and longer.
Driver license must be in Latin alphabet or, must have a translation. In so case you may use your driver license of your country of residence. International one is not required. Otherwise, International driver license must be presented along with the driver license of your country of residence.

If you are an US resident, we require you to use your US driver's license. Otherwise, you may use driver's license of your country of residence. In so case, we have the right to require you to proove this fact. Most likely, we will ask you to provide your passport with visa and date of entry in US.

Individual situations can be resolved on an individual basis.
You can include one more additional driver in your Rental Agreement. Additional driver must attend at pickup time in person and meet the same criteria as the main driver.

* Please, refer to "Driver requirements" in this section of the website for more information.
We offer the following options of picking up a car:
  1. If you arrive to Miami International Airport, we can pick you and your luggage up from the airport and bring you to our business location (10 min away from the airport). Then, you sign a Rental Agreement, make a payment and you good to go!
  2. If you live in such areas next to us like Sunny Isles Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale, etc., we can pick you up at your address and bring to our business location. Then, everything as in the previous clause.
  3. You come to us.
* Pickup in case of a. and b. should be discussed and agreed with us in advance.
** Normally, a meet and greet you at airport is included in rental rate. However, in case you rental rate is $650.00 or less, an additional charge $50.00 applies.
*** All the drivers appeared on Rental Agreement must be presented in person at pickup time.
We do not deliver cars.
All pickups and drop-offs are performed at our business location only.
Yes. All our cars are equipped with A/C and automatic transmissions.
Renting a car from us you can get a child safety seat with no additional charge.

Florida Law requires children under 5 years old to be properly restrained no matter where they seat in a vehicle. Violation of child restraint Law carries a fine of $60.00 and 3 points on the driving record. If you rent a child safety seat from us, you are absolutely and solely responsible for proper choice of seat type and its installation.

Child safety seat types
  • "Infant" Infants must ride rear-facing until they are 1 year old and weigh 20 pounds (9 kg) or more. This type of car seat is intended for children 19"-36" (48-91 cm) in height.
  • "Child" Children 3 years old and younger must use a separate child safety seat. This type of car seat is intended for children with weight 22 - 40 pounds (10-18 kg) and 34"-43" (85-110 cm) in height.
  • "Booster" Children with weight 40 - 80 pounds (18-36 kg) and under 4'9" (150 cm) in height should ride in a booster seat. A booster seat should be used to correctly position the lap and shoulder belts, if a safety belt does not fit the child properly.
* Children 6 through 17 years old must be in a seatbelt.
** A front-facing, the child should ride sitting upright.
*** A rear-facing, the child should be semi-upright at an angle no more than 45 degrees.
**** Never place a child in a child safety seat at the front seat of a vehicle equipped with a passenger airbag. Always use the back seat.
Rental rates include rent of GPS navigation unit. Some of our cars are equipped with CarPlay / Android auto systems.
In all circumstances, all tickets must be paid by customers on their own online (in most cases) or offline, depending on a specific ticket.

If we receive a ticket for your rental period, we forward it to you and require the payment to be done within 1 calendar day. We hereby give you the opportunity to pay a ticket at the lowest possible cost, without our Admin fee. However, if you don't comply with 1-day requirement, then, this will result in Unpaid Ticket Reminder Fee in amount $75.00 for each subsequent reminder.

Ticket types.

Parking Citations
Such ticket can usually be left under the wiper, if you have violated the parking rules.
On a ticket, you can find website address where you can pay it.

Traffic Violations
This ticket may be given to you by the Police officer, who stopped you for a traffic violation.
If you have illegally driven thought an intersection on a red light and it was captured on a camera, we will receive such ticket behalf on you.

Sometimes, we can receive parking tickets (in case they were not paid), red light tickets even a month later after you dropped-off a car.

IMPORTANT! We highly recommend to send us a copy of a ticket received as well as a payment screenshot which contains confirmation #. That's essential because we will store this information and challenge further claims in case of any mistakes on ticket issuing authority side.
Yes. You pay the exact price you see on the website. No hidden charges or fees.
The cars we provide for rent may be used in personal, non-commercial purposes only.

Under no circumstances you may use rental car for work in UBER, LYFT, delivery services and so on. In case we discover such prohibited use of a car, we withdraw it with no prior notice and any refunds of amounts paid.
The only following grades of gasoline are allowed to use in our cars:

  • Midgrade (89 and higher)
  • Premium (93 and higher)
Use of regular (87) gasoline is strictly prohibited as it causes damage to the fuel system!

Tires are not covered by insurance. This is why tire repair or replacement (in case of unrepairable damage) is always your responsibility.

If you got flat tire.
Find a tire service next to you on Google. An average price to fix flat tire is about - $15.00.

If you destroyed tire and replacement is required.
Contact us and we will give you our account # and direct you to a friendly store. This will save you some money on purchasing tires.

Tires are always replaced by pair only. You may not replace only one tire. For example, if you destroyed one front left tire, the both front tires are subject to replace.

* Return of a vehicle with damaged and not repaired tire entails penalty $50.00 in addition to repair cost.
** Return of a vehicle with only one replaced tire entails a charge in amount of cost of 2 new tires.
*** Don't fall for the trick of indecent tire services. They may push you to purchase new tire despite there is just a regular nail "because your tire destroyed and is not repairable". Better call us and ask for an advise.
Contact us +1 (786) 808-9999 (cell, Whatsapp , Viber, Telegram) and describe the issue.

Perhaps, you'll need to visit us for car inspection and repair.
In some cases we can come to you (if car doesn't start or not drivable). Then, if we understand that technical issue was caused by your fault or negligence (for example battery got flat because you forgot to turn off the light), we will charge you a service fee in amount $100.00. If technical issue caused not by your fault, our visit will not cost you.
If you have got into an accident.

  1. Do not leave the stage of the accident. Otherwise, you may be charged in "Hit and run" criminal.
  2. If you need emergency help, call 911.
  3. Contact us +1 (786) 808-9999 or WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram.
  4. Take pictures of damages on your car and on other ones involved into the accident. Then, send them on WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram.
  5. If you cannot reach us, please dial 911 to call the Police to make police report.
  6. Then, you should visit us for visual and instrumental inspection of the car.
If you discovered your parked car damaged.

  1. Take pictures of damages on your car and on other ones involved into the accident. Then, send them on WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram.
  2. In accordance with Law, the party at fault must attempt to find you or, if it's impossible, leave contact information. For example, a note or business card may be left under the wiper on the windshield.
  3. If there is no contact information, try to find a witness of the accident or get records from video surveillance cameras. This may give you an essential information such as license plate of a vehicle that hit yours.
  4. Then, you should visit us for visual and instrumental inspection of the car.
  1. Do not leave your car parked at plaza, if you're going to somewhere else then plaza stores. For example, if you leave a car at plaza and go across the street to the ocean, it's highly likely you car will be towed. Towing services are expensive. If you don't want such services, please pay attention this advice.
  2. Obey parking rules. If you have parked your car at toll parking, do not miss expiration time. Otherwise, in the best scenario you'll get a fine in amount about $45.00, or your car may be towed.
  3. If you've got a nail (damaged tire), you have to find TIRE SERVICE close to you. Do not allow indecent tire shops to trick you. Pretty often they may try to assure you that the tire is not repairable and you have to buy a new one. The best decision is to call us +1 (786) 808-9999 and ask advice.
  4. Here in United States you can make right turns on red light, if it is not expressly prohibited by sign or red arrow at a traffic light. You may turn right on red from the right lane only.
We normally know our fleet availability for ~10 oncoming days only.
That's because we work with long-term rentals and majority of our clients extend their contracts on a "month-to-month" basis. We usually find out whether a car becomes available or not in about 10 days prior.

For your convenience we can offer the following options:
  • a) You can contact us later, ~10 days before your desirable pickup date and make the reservation.
  • b) You can make pre-reservation without confirmed car. Then, upon we get available car, we will assign it to your pre-reservation and send you the confirmation. Starting from this moment your reservation is considered completed and confirmed.
*** The advantage of the second option is that such pre-reservations are highlighted in red in our fleet schedule, we always have them in our field of view and we won't forget about them. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of requests we are not able to remember about all of them. Cars are ssigned to such pre-reservations on a priority basis.
One of the reasons making us able to offer car rental services at a such low rental rates is planning our fleet schedule in advance. At all costs we strive to avoid fleet idle.

10-days rule.
In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, 10-days prior notice of early return (cancellation) is the absolutely mandatory term in order to get proration and refund for unused days.

Confirmation of your intention to renew rental contract with us for the next rental period shall apply "10-days rule" to the next contract.

The mentioned above means, that in case you suddenly change your plans and cancel a previosly confirmed renewal, we will additionaly charge you for up to 10 days of your current rental rate, starting from the day we have been informed of such cancellation.