Our car seats

Renting a car from us, you may also get child safety seats for your children.

We deal with well-proven Graco child safety seats made in US. These transformer seats are designed for children aged 0 to 5 years.

To adjust a child safety seat for you child size and height, you can use retractable backrest and headrest as well as special soft inserts (in a seat itself and in a headrest).

Our child safety seats may be installed both front and rear facing (for transportation of children aged below 1 year) Installing car seat in the rear facing position, the backrest recline is set 45 degrees in accordance with Law requirements.

All adjustment settings described above are designed to maintaine comfort and safe position of your child in a ride. More information you can find in our FAQ section.

Furthermore, along with child safety seats we provide you with special inserts, the use of which reduces the chance of additional costs for automobile seats deep cleaning.

*** All the cars are equipped with Isofix fitting system
*** Renting child safety seats from us, you remain the only responsible for proper choice of a child safety seat type and its proper installation