Meeting at Miami Airport

Pay attention! We pick you up right from the airport terminal.

  1. Pass border control.
  2. Get your luggage.
  3. Go up to "Departures" level.
  4. Make a call or text us +1 (786) 808-9999 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram are also available) Please, call your name or reservation number and a door number where you will wait for us (there are 30 doors with unique numbers)
* Please make a call in advance, so to allow us 20-30 min to pick you up.
Airport Miami

Wi-Fi settings at airport

  1. Select "MIA-WiFi" among available networks on your device.
  2. Open an Internet browser and select "Get Online Now!"
  3. Scroll the screen down and press gray button "Get Online Now!"
  4. Press "No thanks. I’ll watch an ad for free Wi-Fi"
  5. Scroll the screen down and press "Start Browsing"

You're all set! You have 30 minutes of free WiFi connection. Then, after first 30 minutes, you'll be required to use your credit card to continue